Twitch Chat Commands

  • !badbot
    Tell the bot it’s behaving badly.

  • !commands
    Points you to this page.

  • !donate
    Information about donating.

  • !goodbot
    Tell the bot it’s behaving properly.

  • !hugbot
    The bot will choose a random viewer and give them a virtual hug.
    Has a 2 minute cooldown.

  • !sexybot
    Because you weirdos asked for it.

  • !so [username]
    For mods to give a shoutout to another streamer. Bot responds with link to that user’s channel.

  • !stats
    Coming soon.

  • !subscribe
    Information about subscribing.

  • !teatime
    A command for MorrisInc.

  • !twitter
    Link to my Twitter account

  • !uptime
    Bot responds with current up-time of stream.

  • !youtube
    Link to YouTube page.